Friday, April 27, 2012


Yesterday my plan was to drill out that bolt on the gas tank skid plate and replace it.  After several minutes of drilling with barely any identifiable progress, I bailed on that.  A job for another day when I can get it on a lift or something.  I decided to go ahead and work on the fender.

Before getting the paint matched and whatnot, I wanted to do a test fit on the new fender. Removing the old one revealed some interesting things about the rusty parts under the hood... Some of those metal panels are rusted so bad they are zip tied on, lol.  I'm just going to leave it that way until it necessitates replacing.  Anyway, fender removal wasn't too hard.  All the bolts need replacing.  One of them sheared, but it's the easiest one out of all of them to get to, so I'm not real worried about it.  Dad helped with the removal so I wouldn't accidentally the fender or something.

Remove all the things
The upper portion doesn't look bad, but that part behind the bumper is what's zip tied on.
I'll take this to get the paint matched
Once that one was off, I took the new one out of the packaging.  We did a quick test fit to make sure it wasn't going to need modification.

That's much better :)
I have the original (wrong) fender in the back of my car to take to get paint matched today, then tomorrow a friend and I are going to spray it with his paint gun.  Should be able to get the proper one installed Sunday or Monday.  After that I'll get to put the final fender flare on :)

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