Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Victory over stereo equipment

I was hoping to work on the truck yesterday, but I went to an award ceremony for my sister that ended up lasting 3 hours... so didn't do anything on the truck at all.  Today was another story, I still got off work late so didn't get as much done as I wanted, but I felt like a huge victory was accomplished.  I was afraid, after finding the head unit going to Protect mode, that I would end up having to re-run the speaker wires to the doors because of a short.  It turns out the fix was much easier.  The truck's stereo wiring harness uses the same wire colors over and over (green, brown, black, pink) with a few random ones mixed in.  Apparently, after some time of trial and error, the original owner got frustrated and decided to go a different route.  Rather than actually find which brown/black wires went to the speakers.... he just spliced them all together.


Think about that for a minute.


I'd like to think that he at least checked them for voltage first.... but based on what else I've seen in this truck so far, I'm really thinking he just grabbed all the brown wires and mixed them together.  For some reason the Dual head unit that was in it before worked in this manner (that says something about how crappy they are if they don't even check for wiring faults).  Anyway, I used my sophisticated speaker tester array (my Droid X connected to a 1/8mm jack with a 2-way RCA splitter on the end) and tracked down which wires actually went to the speakers.  I cut away all the others, taped it up, and plugged the radio in.  Bam!  It worked.  Victory!  I reconnected the rear speaker wires and tested, still worked :)

So yeah, the Kenwood isn't very 80s, but I like it.

Passenger woofer and temporary tweeter location

Driver woofer and temporary tweeter location
Also, today the speakers I'm going to drop in the rear came in :)  I got some Infinity Reference 6032si (they match the component kit) to go in the rear.  I test fit these and they just baaaaaaaaarely fit in there.  The magnet of the speaker is actually touching the back of the cab, lol.  I haven't decided yet how I'm going to mount them, but it looks like they should fit.  Hopefully Thursday I'll be able to get those installed.

So yeah not much as far as progress, but it feels like a huge victory.  Having a radio is pretty nice :P

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