Thursday, April 19, 2012

To do list

After a couple of days of thinking, I came up with a to do list.

Last Updated 11.4.2015

1. Fix the e-brake
2. Fix the AC
3. Install new head unit
4. Replace the AC vents
5. Replace the dash cap
6. Ensure speaker wiring is correct (the wiring job the previous owner did was janky)
7. 4x4 Fender for driver's side
8. Fender flares, because 80s
9. Oil needs changing
10. There is a small oil leak that needs fixing - valve cover gasket
11. Additional coolant needed
12. Dim headlights do not appear to work - electrical problem with headlight switch?
13. Underglow, because lololol
14. Mud flaps on the rear - Canceled
15. Interior lighting
16. e-brake doesn't hold super well, but works. Perhaps needs new pads or something
17. Install rear speakers
18. Check transmission fluid and possibly change - NULL
19. Repair passenger side door lock
20. Reinstall protective plastic on doors and then reinstall door panels
21. Air conditioning isn't cold, fix that
22. Rebuild brake calipers
23. Replace upper and lower ball joints
24. Replace tie rod ends
25. Replace CV axles
26. Transmission is going out - Replace or rebuild
27. Environmental controls broken - replace with spare
28. Speedometer/Odometer do not work - speedometer cable?
29. Install brush guard
30. Idiot lights aren't working - bulbs?
31. Coolant doesn't seem to be circulating correctly
32. Install map lights
33. Install lighted visors
34. Paint light rail
35. Get lights for light rail and wire them up to switches on the dash
36. Replace timing belt
37. Replace clutch cylinders and remove clutch damper
38. Suspension lift
39. Replace sealed beam headlights with H4 compatible housings
40. Fix leak in washer fluid tank/hose
41. Replace coolant reservoir hose/clamps
42. Fix some janky wiring near the old oil filter location
43. Remove any unneeded computer components related to cruise control
44. Properly secure computers/relays to the floor in the cab
45. Some of the floor matting needs refitting
46. Tint windows
47. Build brush guard extensions for winch bumper
50. Install new intake tube that can breathe cooler air - hood scoop?
51. AC switch isn't working
52. Fix ignition switch
53. Resolve knocking/ticking
54. Replace the switch for the rear-facing light bar lights
55. Replace the rear axle with Isuzu Rodeo/Honda Passport/Pathfinder axle
56. Install rock sliders (more for ease of getting in the truck than actual rock usage)
57. Install high output alternator
58. Remove fan clutch and replace with electric fans

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