Saturday, June 13, 2015

Do you even LIFT?

For the last several months work has been pretty intense and there's just not been much that needed to be done. I just drove the Beast around and enjoyed that it worked for a good while.  I did have a couple more bulbs on the cluster go out, so I decided I'd remedy that permanently.  I bought LEDs to replace all the regular bulbs on the cluster, then swapped them out.  Shortly after doing this I found a good deal on a dimmer switch for the cluster on Infamous Nissan (mine only worked on dimmest or brightest) so I swapped that out as well.  Now I have a fully lit, fully dimmable cluster.  Here it is on the brightest.

Also, during the winter months I enjoyed spending some time with the truck in the snow.  I know we don't get near as much in the south as the folks in the north do, but it was still enough for me to do some 4x4 drifting :)

I've got some electrical upgrades in mind, so I bought some new battery cables from  I haven't installed these yet, though.  I hope to get to it soon. In the meantime though.... I finally took it to a shop and had the suspension fixed. Also got a 3" lift, a 2" body lift, new 17x10 wheels, and new 33" tires :)

Serious flipping business 2/0 cables

17.5" of clearance from frame to ground

Makes the Yaris look so tiny...
So this is how she sits at the moment :)  I just got it back from the shop today.  Still have some more to do, but the list is definitely shrinking.  Most of the remaining things are just cosmetic or electrical, shouldn't be anything that keeps the truck off the road anyway.

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