Thursday, March 14, 2013

Interior is almost done...

Some more progress on the interior.  I finally decided to fix the environmental controls.  I got tired of ice being on the inside of the windshield and whatnot from always having the air circulating in the cab.  First thing I yanked the old one and all of its cables (the new enviro controls had cables with it, and they are attached much more securely.  Here's what the nasty old unit looked like.

As you can see, it was rather dirty and the cables were held in with those rusty metal clips.  The new one uses more like a plastic channel with some metal retaining pieces that are a whole lot better.  Unfortunately I neglected to take pictures of this.  Anyway, I got the new enviro controls in and cabled up, which is rather difficult when the dash is still in.  After this I noticed that I couldn't plug the AC controls in.  If you notice on that picture above, there's supposed to be a plug on that panel sticking out at the bottom.  This is what controls the fan speed.  The controls I bought were from a 95 truck, which uses a different wiring harness.  Luckily, I was able to retrofit the old selector switch and harness from my old controls over to the new one.

Here you can see where the selector and harness used to sit.  The 2 screw holes were what held it on, with a copper plate on the switch that slid along some strips of copper on the inside.  Just let me tell you though, that retrofitting that switch on there while the controls were still in the dash was quite an accomplishment.  It was extremely difficult as there is hardly any room to move, but I didn't want to risk damaging the unit by taking all those cables back out.  I tested it and it works great!  I still need to grease the moving parts of the thing that flips back and forth to go from circulating air to fresh air.  It's pretty difficult to move and I don't want it to break again...

After getting that done, I contacted david29 on infamous and got another jack cover panel (the last one I had ordered fell through).  This one is grey, but whatever, I was just tired of it being bare metal back there where my laptop bag gets caught on it.  I went ahead and bought the complete jack kit and whatnot from him as well, and some new defrost vents for the side of the dash.  While working back there, I went ahead and removed the rear seat belts.  They took up a lot of extra room, constantly flopped about, and also got hung on bags, jackets, and everything else I put in the back of the truck.

Passenger side, there's some storage space under this one but nothing in there

Driver's side, this is what all the spare tire tools are under
I also got some centercaps for the rear wheels, and some new lug nuts.  The lugs that the truck had were really worn (the finish is peeling off and rusting, plus they are really too small to use with these wheels) so I thought it best to replace them.  The centercaps are some cheap ones I found on ebay, but they fit and do the job.  If they start rusting quickly or something I'll probably just throw some paint over them.  I thought about doing the rear mud flaps while I was installing these but I was really tired that day and just decided to put it off until later.

I couldn't find a 6 lug set... so I have 5 black lugs and one silver, which is the wheel lock. I may paint it later,
I believe the coolant problem has been fixed.  The truck was low on coolant and must have been leaking from the old heater core.  I apparently just forgot to fill it back up after I changed the heater core out, so it had been nearly overheating when it sat idle for a while.  I added some coolant and bled the cooling system, so far after a tank of gas it seems to be fine :)

The next thing on the list is to install a proper plug on that passenger headlight that I worked on in the last update.  I ordered the part today, so it should be here shortly.  I'm planning to do some work to the wiring in the engine bay as much of it is worn or poorly connected.  I've got the valve cover gaskets sitting in a box (you can actually see it in that passenger side picture above) ready to install when I get some time.  I'm going to try to order the speedometer cable next week.  The truck is getting closer and closer to where I want it :)  I just updated the to do list with the current status.

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